I liked the breakfast in a glass. I really thought they tasted good and were good choices of things to eat. I liked the Ministrone the best because it was a fairly good tasting and fun to make. I loved the Homemade Mac n’ Cheese. I really liked the white cheese sauce. I would seriously recommend making this recipe again with another class.


I disliked the grain salad the most. I disliked it because I found the grains didn’t taste that great and I think we used the wrong dressing. Otherwise it was ok. We could have cooked the carrots longer though. I didn’t really like the apple sauce because it turned out chunky and didn’t taste that great. If we had more time in class to make the recipe it may have turned out better.


I would have liked to make more smoothies, beef tacos, and French fries.


I think tacos would be an excellent addition to the course. I think it would be because it would be easy to make and most people would probably enjoy making them. They would also probably taste great. http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2008/04/tacos-supreme.html the only downside to this site is that it is in imperial but it is the only one I found.


I thought how we made the white sauce was very interesting because it was a very new concept. I found the portion distortion interesting because it was fascinating to me about how the calories in foods have increased, along with portion sizes. I found the knife safety and learning the different cuts interesting this I learned about over the past two weeks. I found it most interesting because the different cuts were new and they fascinated me.

Hope you enjoyed this blog and that it met the criteria.


Signing off for the final time in the forseable future.